EsPouet and fine arts

Artist Dietmar H.D.T Jäkel

Jardí Lavica wines and their illustrious names reveal the secret: EsPouet and belle things belong inextricably together. The successful cooperation with the Artist Dietmar H.D.T Jäkel pursues this high standard of excellence further. Changing exhibitions of his works can soon be found in EsPouet, separate paintings can also be purchased on site. Mr. Jäkel, born in Gelsenkirchen in 1953, has already designed the labels for the wines Per Aspera ad Astra and Ars Amatoria after his inspiring trip to Venezuela`s Roraima-Tepui (an almost 3.000 m high flat-summit mount at the border triangle of Venezuela, Brasil and Guyana). He is an art scholar and a specialist in German Studies and graduated in arts/painting from the Academy du Feu, Ravenel in France.